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Movement Therapy

Moving YOU to the active lifestyle you've always wanted!

You have seen multiple health professionals  so you can feel and move better. You were shown exercises to do, but you find it hard to keep them up especially when you do not thoroughly understand what you are doing and if you are performing them correctly. Hence, you are still in a lot of pain and you have no idea why. 

We were always told to keep a good posture, lift things properly, etc. But, what do they really mean? What makes a good posture? What is the proper way to lift a box from the ground? Most of the time, we do not realize it's not understanding the proper way to perform a task that contributes to the aches and pains that we suffer from today. 

Movement therapy is not just the solution you have been searching for, it is also a sustainable long-term maintenance and prevention that will keep you moving! 

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